ABET Awards

Beginning in 2020, ABET Bridge has served as the sponsor of two ABET Awards: the ABET Innovation Award and the Claire L. Felbinger Award for Diversity and Inclusion. The recipients of these two awards will each receive $10,000 to continue their important work.

The ABET Innovation Award

The ABET Innovation Award recognizes vision and commitment that challenge the status-quo in technical education.

The Claire L. Felbinger Award for Diversity and Inclusion

The Claire L. Felbinger Award for Diversity and Inclusion is presented to recognize U.S.-based educational units, individuals, associations, and firms for extraordinary success in achieving diversity in the technological segments of our society.

Science Screen Report

In production since 1970, Science Screen Report is designed to present current scientific and environmental developments to students in a positive and objective manner, while enhancing science literacy and encouraging the pursuit of exciting, challenging and rewarding careers in engineering and the sciences.

The materials are provided free of cost to schools through the support of corporations, foundations and associations as part of their social responsibility and community outreach initiatives. ABET Bridge has assisted in this effort for more than forty years.

Science Screen Report (grades 7-12) and Science Screen Report for Kids (2-6) are produced with an advisory panel of educators, administrators and curriculum developers and address the appropriate National Science Standards, as well as benchmarks in science literacy (as developed by the AAAS).

For More Information

For more information about how your school can receive Science Screen Report videos and online channels at no cost, or how your organization can help improve STEM education in local schools, please visit www.ssrvideo.com or send an email request to 2scott@ssrvideo.com.

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